Heal in Style

Experience a New Era of Patient Care with CareInn!

Heal in Style

Experience a New Era of Patient Care with CareInn!

About CareInn

We are a proudly Saudi technology company with a vision to transform healthcare. Specializing in innovative digital solutions, we focus on enhancing the patient experience in hospitals. Our goal is to collaborate with healthcare providers to deliver compassionate and top-notch care, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of healthcare. Join us as we work towards a future where excellence and empathy define the standard of care.

Compassion Driven Technology

Localized Offerings

Highly Scalable Solutions

Our Solutions

We enhance the human touch in healthcare by empowering providers with the needed solutions to deliver superior care and enjoy operational efficiency.

CareInn Infotainment


CareInn Infotainment

A bedside infotainment solution that accommodates entertainment, enhances connectivity improves efficiency and goes above and beyond in patient engagement.

A full-package solution

Intuitive, localized, highly scalable software

Seamless integration with HIS

Various entertainment options

Integrated call system

Patient Requests Management

Patient Consent Acquisition

Feedback Collection


Your solution for delivering error-free, automated communication and ensuring that critical information is readily available to your patients and staff.

Integrated with HIS

Centralized management

Low power consumption

Our Amazing Clients:

We’re proud to have partnered with esteemed healthcare facilities seeking to transform the way patients experience care. Here are a few that trust CareInn:

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